HOHENSTEG is THE Full Service Photography Agency 

delivering high-end photo productions including 

creative direction, production handling, styling & set design, 

photography and high-end post production.


We love creating ideas, 

develop exciting 

creative concepts, 

telling thrilling stories 

that are consistent 

with your branding.


As professional photographers

we love to transform

your vision into

high-quality images.

That's our mission!


Good production handling

is key for great results.

We manage your project

keeping an eye on time and costs -putting together the whole team, casting models, scouting locations,...


That's us.


Stephanie Wolff decided to take the plunge from the office chair during her maternal leave.

She quitted her job as a Senior Marketing Manager at  SWAROVSKI and turned her hobby into a new career.


Stephanie gained the required knowledge of photography and is 

now a professional photographer in the fashion & advertising industry.


She loves the combination of sparkles, glam and this certain 


Find out more about Steph on her personal website.​

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Sara Aschauer is a creative mind full of ideas and imagination. In the role of being an art director and stylist she is able to place all her creative thoughts in fantastic stories and campagnes.


After studing Management & Communication (MA) she worked as a Marketing and Product Manager for international brands, such like GUESS and SWAROVSKI. 

Therefore she is very experienced in the fashion and jewellery industry. 


The love of beautiful things and 

perfect organization characterizes her work.

Find out more about Sara.

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Hans Aschauer discovered his 

passion for photography already

as a teen and is still in love with his huge range of equipment. Especially product, architecture and landscape photography are his favorite subjects.


As a qualified Engineer Hans is very patient and technically versed.


That’s why his photos burst with sharpness and attention to detail.

Find out more about Hans on his personal website.​

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Hohensteg - Full Service Photography
Hohensteg - Full Service Photography
Hohensteg - Full Service Photography
Hohensteg - Full Service Photography
Hohensteg - Full Service Photography
Hohensteg - Full Service Photography

HOHENSTEG is a Full Service Photography Agency delivering high-quality photo productions

including creative direction, production handling, styling & set design, photography and high-end post production.